Sunday, August 25, 2013

project life 2013

I have been actively working on a project life album for 2013 despite not sharing any pictures of it yet. Maybe actively is the wrong word, but I have documenting each week! You may remember that I tried project life for the first time in 2011 and you can see all of those posts here. This year I am doing a lot of things the same, but a few things are different this time around.
     - I am still using a two page spread for each week, but I am mixing it up with the different style of page protectors. The basic design A continues to be a favorite though.
     - I am not using the day stickers or date stamp in my album. I used those for a while in 2011 but discontinued somewhere around the middle of the year because they just weren't working for me.
     - I am not putting any 'traditional' scrapbook pages in my album, or at least I haven't yet and don't plan on it.
     - This year I am using the Olive edition designed by Heather Bailey. It is super girly but the colors in it are beautiful - greens, blues, pinks and oranges! Product available here.

Design A & D
This week I included a newspaper clipping that I was interviewed in about the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. I also included a screen shot from the online highway hotline showing all the roads that were closed near Moose Jaw from our awful weather.

Design F & A
I like to use design F when I am short on pictures for the week or have several small iphone photos to use.

Design A & C
Design C is great for when you want to include more pictures but don't have the space. I have used this pocket page to high light two trips to visit family as well as house pictures.

Design F & A
Again, just bits of life that make up why project life is so great.

Design A & D
This is by far my favorite spread from the year, the colors in the pictures just work great with the colors in the Olive kit!

Design F & A

Design C
This is exactly why I love project life - getting to document the big and small moments in life like buying our first home!

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