Thursday, September 12, 2013

going green: exercise

Well, if it's one thing I've learned, changing your life to include more healthy habits is a long term process. I'm trying to not beat myself up because I've been eating more processed food than I would like, I use all sorts of harsh chemicals, and my coffee addiciton has only gotten stronger. It's all about taking it one day at a time and making small changes here and there that turn into long term healthy habits.

I want to talk about exercise today and more specifically - running. I have always told myself that I am not a runner. I'm not an athlete. I'm not in shape. I don't exercise. These things became my motto and what I truly started to believe about myself. This September I have made a challenge for myself to run/walk at least a mile a day and documenting it on instagram #mileaday. Today's the 12th and so far I have only missed one day when I was quite sick. Some days it's just a walk and other days it's a slow run. Some days it's long and some days it's short. Some days it's hard and some days it's easy.
I have learned to push myself though and realize that my body is capable of a lot more than I thought. It's kind of fun :)

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  1. I just read over your last few posts and feel like we have a lot in common Lauren! I've started to try to get back on an exercise routine and while it may not always been fun it sure feels good when I'm done!


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