Wednesday, August 3, 2011

finding color inspiration

Inspiration can be found in every situation I think. As someone who enjoys things like sewing, decorating, scrapbooking, and crafting in general, I am a very visual person and enjoy seeing how colors can work together. A few weeks ago I perusing the paint aisle like I sometimes do and was really drawn to these pain chips. Debbie Travis and her team have put together different colors from her paint line and then shown how they can be used together. I happily took one of each sample and thought that they could be useful for sewing.

This color combination is one of my favorites from the handful I took. I probably would have never thought to put these colors together, but I love the way they look. In the sample room they painted the walls the teal color and then had accents in the other colors. Lately I have been really wanting to sew something in purple so I think this is just the inspiration that I needed!
Here are two other color combinations that I really love:

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  1. Great idea and your fabrics look great together.


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