Tuesday, August 2, 2011

project life: july

1st week of July
- Smoothies and reading outside
- Making a fun quilt
- Gorgeous clouds outside
- The sweetest baby girl

2nd week of July
- Garden tour
- In love with Starbucks iced teas
- Beth Moore Bible study
- Dying my hair
- The cutest old man in the newspaper
who looks like the character from Up

3rd week of July
- Mom and dad come for a visit!
- Seeing the last Harry Potter movie
- Meeting Amy Jo Ehman at the gardens
- Quilting class with mom

4th week of July
- Carrots from my 'garden pot'
- Building a compost bin
- Lanah's bachelorette party

I'm not quite sure how time is slipping by so fast, but one thing this project has made me do is record the little moments that make life grand. I'm really happy I decided to start Project Life and would definately recommend it to any of you!

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  1. The more and more I see your project life book I think "man, I NEED to do one!!" I love how yours is turning out!


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