Thursday, October 7, 2010

Coffee Cozy's

     If you are anything like me you drink a lot of coffee. So why not make your cup a little cuter and save the environment while you're at it by not using a disposable coffee sleeve each time? This little cutie was made out of scraps I had from an old project and lined with felt to make it more insulated and protect your hands. I think these would make really cute gifts for someone or a little treat for yourself. Would anyone be interested in purchasing one of these? Let me know! Happy Crafting!

P.S. Go ahead and make a wish :)


  1. Very Cute! And a great idea for a coffee lover...probably need to make a more manly version for Jordy...then you can sip together when out and your glowing and your happiness is shining & hugs xoxo t&b

  2. These are adorable. Email me your price list and I think these would make great teachers gifts.


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