Monday, April 22, 2013

going green: what we eat

Eating clean food (ie. food without a bunch of articial junk) can be pretty tricky living in a small city in the middle of the prairies. Grocery stores are starting to carry more and more of organic products  but things are still very deceiving. It's shocking to read the ingredient lists on things that are marketed as healthy and natural and find out that that that granola bar your eating as a healthy choice has more grams of sugar in it than the chocolate bar you passed up in its favor.

I wanted to give you a better picture of what my average weekly shopping looks like. Sometimes it's more, sometimes it's less, but this was just for an average week at home for us looked like. Eating clean can be a little bit more expensive so I like to check out the marked down produce section. They basically put everything there that may have a tiny little bruise on it or be nearing its expiry date. I scored a cauliflower that had a tiny brown spot on it, a giant bag of mixed peppers that I have no idea why it was in there, they seem perfect to me, a perfectly good cucumber, and a mostly good container of strawberries.

Note* This food lasted us much longer than just one week*

Since starting to eat clean our taste buds have changed dramatically. I don't enjoy restaurant food nearly as much anymore and much prefer the things I can cook at home. I love the convenience of restaurant food, but now that I am used to home cooked meals my taste buds (and stomach) can't handle all the extra salt and sugar. I can actually taste the preservatives and artifical flavorings that they put into food which I didn't notice before.

Ok, homework time! Next time you in the grocery store actually read the ingredient list on those 'healthy' granola bars and 'natural' tortilla chips before you put them in your cart. It's time to see what you are actually putting into your body! One good example of this was the supposedly healthy almond milk that I picked up and only after reading the ingredient list did I realize that there was more added sugar than there were almonds in it!! Yuck, no thanks!

Happy eating!

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