Saturday, April 13, 2013

going green: resources

This year my word is "health". Some days that is the farthest thing possible from where I am, but then there are some days where I'm right on track.  Today I wanted to share some ideas about where to start.
I've been intrigued by the idea of "going green" for a long time but never really did anything about it. Eventually I started watching several documentaries and reading some books on the subject which really got me hooked.

Some resources that I would recommend are:
Supersize Me - While this documentary doesn't necessarily talk about going green, it shows the extremely detrimental effects of fast food on our bodies.
Vegucated - Follows a handful of people that agree to go vegan for a set amount of time and then exposes them to the sources of our food, etc. etc. It's a real eye opener for sure.
Healthy Weight Canada - Explains the unhealthy additives that are in almost all of our store bought food.
The Art of Eating In - I found this book so inspirational to read and really spurred me on to get more active in the kitchen.

There are a million resources out there on clean eating but I just wanted to highlight a few that I found to be helpful! Next up, the food we eat!

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