Saturday, December 22, 2012

december photo challenge part 2

I am continuing my december photo a day challenge and although I have not actually been taking the pictures on the said day according to the chart and have been missing some days, I have been enjoying the process! See part 1 here.

Day 8 - Ornaments

Day 9 - Something you're reading

Day 10 - Wrapping

Day 12 - A beautiful sight

Day 13 - Family

Day 17 - Presents

Day 18 - Stockings


  1. Aww great pictures! Love the one of Lindsay and Sydney, so cute! Wondering who the lucky recipient is of that quilt! Wow that's a lot of work! Your tree skirt turned out great too! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the pics in the series!

  2. Love the pictures - did you finish the wall hanging?


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