Thursday, July 26, 2012

out for coffee v. 2

'Out For Coffee' is a series based on my love of catching up over a good cup of cofee with friends or re-charging with some alone time. So as I sit with with my cup of coffee in hand, here's what I would tell you if we were out for coffee...

Be still my soul.... that seems to be the message that God is trying to get into my head these days.

Last week I had a couple of crazy days at work and because of the nature of where I work I deal not only with helping meet people's practical needs but I also am a part of their emotional needs as well. During the busy-ness of craziness of it all I felt like I really just needed to be still for a moment and get some perspective. So while walking back to the office I decided to cut through the park rather than walk along the street on the perimeter of the park, that was the best decision I made all week. There is something so calming about being in nature, taking a deep breath, and gaining your footing again so that you are able to tackle what's coming up.

I have been reading a couple of blog posts lately by other bloggers who have been writing about being real, and being present. That is so much what I want for my life and for Jordy as well. I am trying to slow down a bit and just take in what is going on around me rather than be swallowed up by it. This weekend I had one of the best morning I have had in a long time by just sitting on the deck with my hubby and the dog, reading some Scripture and sipping on my coffee, it was so relaxing and awakening.

Be still my soul....

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