Monday, July 9, 2012

new home inspiration

I grew up hating white or any sort of neutral. My dad is a professional painter and my mom has a real knack for interior design so we never had white walls in our house growing up. I always thought it was so boring, so cold, and so uninviting. Recently though I have found that I have really been drawn to white spaces and loving the look of white on white. Also, and very much to my own shock, I have also been drawn to the color yellow, I don't even know who I am anymore!

With another move on the horizon into another rental I will once again be embracing the rental white and builder's beige. This time I'm not so wary of it though and plan to use the color (or lack thereof) to the space's advantage. Here are some of my home decor inspiration pictures found on pinterest:

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  1. Love the bottom one with the big yellow flower pillows. You are a creation of God that is finding her own


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