Tuesday, May 22, 2012

a week in the life: the album

Earlier I shared a couple of posts from my 'week in the life' that I was documenting and today I wanted to share the finished album. I used a red American Crafts 8x8 album and I loved working with the compact size. Ali Edwards, the originator of this series used an 8.5x11 and I think that would also be really fun to try some time.

(quilt post coming soon!)

I chose a really simple two page spread to use throughout the book because I thought that the consistency of it would tell the story the best.

On each spread I used the top of a note card that I cut off as well as a day of the week sticker. I didn't worry to much about color, I just mixed them up for a random look.

Also on each page I used the cricut machine to cut out a scallop and oversized brown numbers for the date. Again, I varied the scallop color but kept the same consistency by using the brown cardstock.

"Our life in a nutshell"

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  1. This is so awesome! Like I said before I have got to make one of my own. What size pics did you use? I think the 8x8 is a perfect size for something like this. Great Job Lauren!


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