Thursday, March 15, 2012

the greatest thing ever...

Ok that is maybe a bit of a stretch, but serioulsy, Berenstein Bear fabric?! Are you kidding me, this is so exciting! I loved reading the Berenstein Bear books when I was little and still love it when I see the kiddos around me embracing these books as well. Thank you moda for making my childhood quilting dreams come true!
I definately see some of this fabric on my horizon and think I need to make a pre-pre-pre baby blanket. Now if only my birthday was a bit closer...

Did any of you read the Berenstein Bear books when you were younger? Which was your favorite?


  1. Oh my goodness! My brother and I were obsessed with collecting these books...we owned a whole lot of them...

  2. LAUREN.....I still know these books by heart - thanks to the many hours I spent reading them to you. Man....the memories.


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