Sunday, February 19, 2012

basket make-over

I originally bought this basket for cheap from Wal-Mart before I headed to college. I don't know what my original intention was for it, but since moving out of dorms it has held our small games in the back of a closet since I no longer liked the fabric it came with. I pulled it out the other day since I figured it was something we used on a regular basis and it should be easier to access. The fabric just didn't work for me though so I decided to make a new lining for it.



Ahh, so much better! (and as you can see I've been having fun playing around with Instagram on my new phone!) To make this, I picked apart the seams of the original lining, laid the pieces on a fat quarter of fabric I liked and cut around the pieces, so simple! Now why on earth hadn't I done this months ago?!

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