Friday, March 25, 2011

notebook anyone?

It's no secret I love notebooks, journals, post it notes, any pretty collection of papers really. I started making a couple of notebooks in December and I love the whole process of it. This one has just 8 double-sided papers but I think it is great because it will be perfect for documenting a trip or one specific event. The inside pages are recycled blank kraft paper which will be so much fun to decorate with little mementos or drawing out ideas. The book is also hand-bound using white craft floss. So fun!

Here's another notebook I made a while back (excuse the blurriness!):

Maybe one day I'll show you my whole collection ;)


  1. realy cute the one with the buttons, and what a good idea to make notebooks just with a few pages! i have got many notebooks wich are all started but never finished, its because they have got to many pages! i once made a notebook with every page another color like a rainbow, it is realy cute. nice blog very crafty and colorfull! wanna pass by my blog and maybe be a follower? kiss kiss

  2. I love notebooks, but i never have a need to buy them.
    I love what you've done with the buttons on the second one.

  3. i la la lve post-its! and dear oh dear, this notebook is fantastic! :) love the little flower

  4. So very cute! I love notebooks too, but yours are much cuter! :)


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