Thursday, November 18, 2010

yummy! the perfect evening

I never thought I would be such a soup kind of girl but since getting married I have tried making quite a few different kinds of soup from scratch. It's been a blustery cold and snowy day so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to make a warm and cozy soup. Tonight I made potato cheddar and used this recipe. I didn't add the ham though and it still turned out great. If I make it again I think I would use 1 c. regular water instead of 1 c. left over water from boiling the potatoes. It had a sharp 'potato-y' taste that wasn't quite right. I also made some drop biscuits from the Purity Cookbook that I love.

Jordy and I spent our dinner playing a new favorite card game and are headed out the door shortly for Bible study. It's been a lovely evening!

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