Thursday, October 14, 2010

the best sidewalk find ever

I live in this funny little town, it is a lot like a bubble in certain ways. However, I love this quirky place no matter what anyone might say or think about it. One of the funny things here is that if people don't want some of their stuff they just put it on the front lawn for someone else to take.

I was on my way to school when I looked over and lo and behold this little broken down dress form was sitting and waiting for a home. I decided it was to broken and junky to be of any help so I kept walking. 2 days later it was still sitting on the curb and I kept thinking about it. Finally I recruited my husband to carry it home for me from Bible study. I brought it to my parents house over Thanksgiving and my dad fixed it for me. It is now in my measurements and just waiting for me to sew something pretty. I plan on covering it was paper mache since it needs to be recovered anyways, but I would say this was a pretty great find!

Testing it out with my new 'Flea Market Fancy' fabric
Happy crafting!

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