Monday, November 26, 2012

christmas traditions

I believe that traditions are really important and can help usher you into the Christmas season. Growing up, our family had our own traditions both with immediate family and extended family. Now that I am married and have my own tiny family unit, traditions have started to change and evolve, which at first I was not happy about at all! I like things to be the same and can get really anxious when they change. I have to remind myself that change doesn't have to be bad though, and sometimes it can also be helpful, necessary, and even fun! The traditions we are building today will change again I'm sure in a few years when our family grows but I thought it might be fun to explore our traditions as they sit now.

A Christmas puzzle - For as long as I can remember the girls in our family have done a Christmas puzzle together on Christmas Eve. Sometimes we would repeat old puzzles but usually we would buy a new one. I don't think the opportunity will come up this year to do a puzzle together (or at least a whole one) but I have carried on anyways and bought a shiny new one for myself to enjoy.

Ornaments - This is a new tradition that Jordy and I have started which I am very much excited about. On our honeymoon in Banff we bought an 'Our First Christmas' snowman ornament and while we were in Greece this past month we bought another Christmas ornament and agreed that we should buy a new ornament for every big trip that we go on. I cannot wait to add to our collection as time goes on and look back on the memories that are associated with that particular ornament.

There are many many more to share, but I think this is good for now :)

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