Thursday, May 17, 2012

wanna swoon?

hehehe I have been dying to use that title ever since I found this quilt :)

Ok all kidding aside, I LOVE this quilt by Camille. It's a biggie and comes it at 80"x80" which in my opinion will be the most perfect, unlike my grammar, snuggling-up-in-quilt. My original idea for the color scheme for this quilt was yellows and purples but when I got to the fabric store I also ended up with some greens, blues and even greys!

I finished my first block a couple of nights ago and I can't get over how big it is, I told my mom that if you put a chunky border on it you would have a baby quilt! I have already started sewing on finished the second block and I think I love the colors in this one even more, what do you think?

If you wanted to look at some more swoon goodness there was a fantastic swoon-a-long hosted on flickr that you should definately check out!

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