Thursday, April 5, 2012

simple bunny diy

My house was seriously lacking in the spring/easter decorations. Even though we are going to be away for easter I figured we needed some spring-y cheer!

This was super simple to make, and only took me about 5 minutes start to finish! I found a piece of striped paper that I liked and cut it to size for my frame. I also found a piece of textured white cardstock and cut it the same size. I drew a simple outline of a bunny on the back of the white paper and used a craft knife to cut it out. I used some blue ink on the inside edges of the silouette, but that step isn't really necessary. I then stuck both pieces of paper in my frame and voila, instant easter crafty goodness!

I think it would be a neat idea to switch out the paper and silouettes depending on the season. I'm thinking flowers for summer, pumpkins for fall, and a christmas tree for winter. I'm excited!

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