Friday, December 9, 2011

right now

i saw this idea on the pleated poppy today and thought it looked like fun!

right now I am...

watching: Australia's next top model, it's such a guilty pleasure of mine. actually, never mind, I don't feel guilty about it at all!

eating: just finished eating home made skor bar that I stole took from the freezer after I literally warned Jordy that if he broke into the Christmas baking there would be serious consequences

drinking: my coffee once it is done brewing, yum

wearing: my jeans with a newly acquired hole in the leg, polka dot socks, with an over-sized sweat shirt, and messy hair to top it off :)

avoiding: showering, the clock, my last paper of the semester, the mess that I am afraid to say is all mine

feeling: nostalgic - it's my last day of Briercrest classes, probably ever

thankful: that another $10,000 was donated to the Hunger in Moose Jaw campaign this last week bringing out total up to $28,845

praying: that I get the job, and thanking God for opportunities. I read a quote yesterday that talked about only waking up with the things you thanked God for yesterday, I made sure I included everything and everyone that is important to me last night, even my little katie cat made it in

needing: two packs of raspberry jell-o and I really do not want to make another trip into Moose Jaw just for that!

loving: the Christmas decorations, twinkle lights above our bed, feeling less stressed by papers and assignments, having a tv date night with Jordy tonight, hot apple cider with whipped cream and caramel sauce, lap quilts that are just the right size, the prospect of something new

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