Friday, December 16, 2011

color-coded packaging

Stockings are a big deal in my family, and I mean big. Ever since I can remember we would always draw names for whose stocking we would fill that year. Mind you there was only 3 of us, so it wasn't much of a draw, but for a youngster it was very exciting! This year we decided that the girls would fill the girls, and the boys would fill the boys, although Jordy's not really into the whole stocking tradition yet so I have done most of my dad's.
I decided that rather than trying to keep the two piles separate and avoid any mix-ups on Christmas morning mom and dad would just get different color wrapping in their stocking. Quite ingenious I thought! As you can see, I have a bit more stocking stuffer shopping to do in the next 9 days, yikes!

(and for those of you were wondering, the quilt in my previous post measures 56.5"x66.5")


  1. That's what we do with my Dad's family but not just for stockings!! My step mom wraps everyone's gifts in their own paper. It was weird for my sister and I to get used to when my Dad and step mom first got married because it was her tradition and we were used to all different wrapping paper for everyone. I've grown to love it over the years though!

  2. that's what I have done on ALL my gifts so far...but mainly because I forgot to get name tags. They are on my list for shopping today though


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