Friday, November 25, 2011

christmas star

While home the other week my auntie surprised me with a kit to make this christmas mat (not sure what to call it!). The pattern for it comes from which I would definitely recommend you check out. The website has tons of free patterns for you to browse and print out. I haven't looked at the site other than downloading this pattern but I am anxious to do so! The finished size of this mat is 12x12 (give or take a little since I am not the most accurate fabric cutter!)

At first I didn't know about the gold fabric, but now I really like it, and it works well with my decor since my tree is red and gold. For a fun Christmas present idea you could skip the borders and make pot holders for a relatively easy and handmade gift!

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  1. Love how it turned out and the snowman sure adds to the charm - great picture!!!


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