Saturday, August 27, 2011

52 crafts: part 23

a while ago while browsing one of the fabric stores nearby i fell in love with this cupcake print fabric. well actually i think i fell in love with the cupcake pot holder pattern first, and then i found the amazing fabric. it took me a while but i finally got around to making up the pattern last week. it was actually a lot harder than i thought it would be because the pattern says you can use this special heat batting, or as the writer of the pattern says she prefers, you can use three layers of batting for the base and two for the cupcake part. i decided to try that since i couldn't seem to find the heat resistant batting i was looking for. it really is a chore to try and sew through all of those layers and it made things a lot harder than i think they needed to be. i will definitely wait until i find the heat resistant batting before i attempt making this pattern again. i have to say though, it sure is cute!

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