Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a work in progress

This past weekend I started cutting out the pieces for my next quilt project. As I ironed each piece of fabric I was yet again blown away by how pretty it all was. This will probably sound cheesy but fabric is such an art in itself and I just love going to a fabric store and admiring each bolt. I have had this fabric for just over a year and I am only now starting to cut into it. In all honesty I think I was afraid to start because I have never been so fond of a particular line of fabric before. Anyways, here are some pics from the mess I created!

I had forgotten how long it takes to cut out all the fabric for a queen size quilt since I normally only do lap sized quilts. I literally cut fabric for HOURS, and still wasn't done!

My sweet friends came to spend the day with me, and Lanah came prepared with her own sewing machine so she could make her very first quilt. I was so proud of her, she made an entire baby rag quilt in just one day!


  1. I love looking at fabric as well. The colors make me happy - even if I do not buy anything. Today - with horrible toothache - I stopped at a new quilting store and just admired the fabric. Then hand quilted a few stitiches on a quilt they are making to support ovarian cancer. Felt better just for having spent a few minutes there. BTW I love this fabric as well and can't wait to see your finished quilt.

  2. Excited to see the finished product!!! Glad Lannah was able to make a quilt, I bet she'll be become an addict! jealous wish I could have been there to craft with you girls!


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