Friday, January 21, 2011

our engagement story

Jordy and I got engaged exactly one year ago today. We had started dating only a few months before that but we always knew right from the start that we were going to get married. The September before I had decided that I wasn't going to date that year because I wanted some time to heal from past relationships, get my head on straight, and basically just enjoy being me. Imagine my surprise when I met Jordy just a few days later. Drat! I thought, what was I was now supposed to do? Well I thought about it a lot, and prayed about it a lot and felt like it was the right idea to start dating him. We were in love and it was what I always hoped it would be. We helped each other through a lot of hard things while we were dating and engaged including depression, divorce, fights with friends and other things. This took a toll on our relationship but I think it only makes us stronger today. A lot of people have their own opinions about how fast we got married, the way we dated, to the way we spent so much time together and I can't really stop that. We met, fell in love, got engaged and got married, and that's all there is to it! I know that we're not the exception to marital fights over things big and small but as long as you are committed to one another for life no matter what, which we are, I know that in 60+ years we'll still be married. I love you Jordy.

Here we are today, one year later. 

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