Friday, January 7, 2011

handmade gift guide: part 3

Here's the last of my handmade Christmas gifts I wanted to share with you. I made this bag for my mom out of a camping line of fabric that Michael Miller has out. I made the straps out of a reddish color print that I already had on hand and made a large pocket on the interior of the bag out of a yellow print I also had on hand.

When I saw this fabric line I knew that it was perfect for my mom and I just had to make something out of it for her. I ordered one yard of it from a seller on etsy.

Kind of on a whim I decided to hand embroider the word 'joy' on a piece of coordinating fabric and sew it onto the interior pocket. To stop it from fraying to badly I just whipped around the edge with a pinking rotary blade. I think it is really cute and love how it makes the bag a little bit more personal and happy. Everything could use a little dose of joy I'm sure!

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  1. i just finished sharing the rest of my handmade gifts too! better late than never:) these came out SO GOOD! love the embroidered touch.


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