Tuesday, December 21, 2010

workin on the list

At the beginning of the month I made some goals for December and it has been so fun to work on them and see them happening.
No. 1 on the list was to decorate cookies:

No. 2 was to make pom pom's:

No. 3 was to have a peppermint latte, yum, it was soo good:

No. 4 was to make handmade Christmas gifts:
This is a purse I made for my friend who loves Chinese writing,
lots more handmade gifts to show after Christmas!
No. 5 was to 'pretty-up' wrapped gifts:

No. 6 was to decorate my home:

No. 7 was to read by the Christmas tree: No pic's but there has been a lot of that!

No. 8 Finish holiday quilt: It's done but just waiting for some  binding

No. 9 Tour john's nursery: Did this, but no pictures :(

No. 10 Make a wreath: still waiting

No. 11 Buy wooly tights: stocking stuffer maybe? hint hint

No. 12 Watch Christmas movies: Started a sunday tradition of watching these movies, but still looking forward  to watching Charlie Brown Christmas :)
No. 13 Go looking at Christmas lights: still waiting for this one too!

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