Friday, November 12, 2010

shutterfly: a review

The last of my shutterfly parcels came in the mail today, yay! I thought I would just write a quick review for anyone who is interested in ordering from shutterfly in the future or who had never heard of it before. This was my first time getting anything with shutterfly and I ordered an 8x11 photo book (pictures below) a 12x12 print, an 11x14 print, and an 8x10 print. Overall I quite impressed; It took about two weeks for my packages to get here and they all arrived in great condition. The website was very easy to use and I thought they had great prices. Also, once you sign up you are emailed codes you can use on your checkout to get discounts and such. For example it could be free shipping, 20% off your photo book, etc. The pictures below are some screen shots from the photo book I ordered.

This is our cover page; the photo is printed on a hard glossy cover

There are dozens of templates you can choose from and color customize

You can click on any of the pictures above to view them bigger. 
My only concern with shutterfly is that they sent all four things separately and they arrived on three different days which was a tad bit annoying. I think they could have saved a lot on packaging (not mention the trees!) if they had packaged them together in some way. All in all though I definitely recommend shutterfly for showcasing your most important memories! I hope you found this review helpful! (all wedding photographs by

P.S. I was talking with someone today whose niece had a book like this and she left it out in the sun in a car for a couple of hours in extreme heat and all the pages stuck together and were ruined, so just a tip not to leave it out in the sun!!

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