Tuesday, November 30, 2010

holiday quilt: finished

Just in the nick of time I have my holiday quilt done for December! It is absolutely perfect for snuggling up under to watch TV, go on the internet or read; It has a plush green background which makes it extra warm and cozy. It's fluffy and imperfect but that's what makes it perfect to me :)

Ok I lied, it's not completely done, the binding needs to be hand-stitched down in the back but my mom offered to do it for me over the Christmas break so I think it can just wait until then! Oh and as you can see in the background I caved and bought a Christmas tree! But really when they are 40% off and you have a gift certificate how can you not?!

Happy Crafting everyone! Enjoy the last day of November :)

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  1. It look great! I like how the green corners made a second "snowball". I can just picture it now - in a couple weeks I'll be snuggled under your quilt, watching TV and stitching while you do my dishes! ;-)


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