Tuesday, November 23, 2010

the big 5-0

This post marks my 50th entry into blogland and so in honor of that I want to share a bit about where my story comes from. You may have noticed my blog title, 'pursue joy....' and wondered why I picked that title. You see, I haven't always been a happy kid, not because I didn't have good parents or I lived in poverty or anything like that it's just that I've always been on the morose side of things. I saw the cup half empty rather than half full. I have been learning though, particularly in the past couple years that joy is a decision that has to be made in life. Life isn't necessarily always fair and sometimes it's hard and sometimes it just plain stinks, but that's ok. Life was never promised to us as an easy ride. As I have been journeying along this path of trying to find out what real joy and happiness looks like I have always found my myself going back to the creative side of things, which I think I got from my mom. I guess you could say that this blog is me paying homage to that, and recognizing the healing potential that can come from creating (I apologize if that sounds a bit new-age ish). When I create it always brings a smile to my face and I think that it makes God happy too, to see me happy while working with my hands. So to all of you I just want to say that I hope you make the decision for joy today, whatever that may look like in your life and in your journey.
Happy crafting everyone, and thank you for journeying with me through these last 50 posts :)

P.S. Check back on Friday for a cute guest post I did featuring a Christmas diy!


  1. Congratulations on the 50th post!!! One thing I have learned through the years is that everyone has a story. It is the story that makes us who we are as a person. You would not be you without your story.... Crafting is the best way to spend the day!!!

  2. And I have enjoyed reading everyone of them! Watching you and reading about what you been doing day to day has brought a smile to my heart! Love you bunches & keep spreading your joy sweetie! xoxo

    ps. On Sunday Bruce reached the big 5-0 too! Don't think it was in blog posts though...


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