Thursday, October 21, 2010

operation scrapbook

Are you ready for a jam packed weekend of scrapbooking? Cause I am! Croptoberfest starts tomorrow and I can't wait :) I am ready to kick some serious scrapbooking butt on my Israel album which I have been working on for what seems like forever! Look out scissors and scraps, I'm coming for you!

All packed and ready to go!

Packing for a weekend like this is a big deal to me. I like to have all my things organized and set out so I can best use them. 

When I'm not scrapping from home my must-have's to bring include:
- A good tape dispenser, I prefer the roll kind not the peel-and-stick adhesives
- A sharp pair of scissors, I like mine cause they have really pointy ends
- Black and brown scrapbook markers
- A pencil and eraser
- Box of assorted embellishments
- Assorted ribbons
- Paper box separated into different categories such as polka dots, flowers, misc. stripes, etc. 
- Cardstock of several different colors and shades (My favorites are green and kraft)
- Other paper packs I may have
- Paper trimmer (full-size) and personal size
- Letter stickers and rub-on's

For a 'retreat' or all day affair my must-have's include:
- Slippers
- Water bottle
- Granola bars
- Chocolate!
- Coffee
- Inspirational magazines
- My album that the pages will go into so I can review what I've already done and see different color combo's, etc. 
- Cell phone

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