Tuesday, October 19, 2010

hedgehog meadows

In my opinion this is probably the cutest fabric I have ever seen. Not to mention I have been on a total hedgehog kick lately (look up baby hedgehogs on youtube, they are the cutest things ever!). I made this quick bag from michael miller fabric 'hedgehog meadows' and some scraps that I had from a previous project. It has a square bottom to make it convenient to carry books back and forth to class in and it is lined in the same hedgehog fabric.

P.S. it is really hard to get a decent picture
of yourself using the self timer!

As usual I didn't use a pattern for this bag. There are a couple pros and cons I have found to doing this. One good thing is that I feel like it gives me more creativity. I know it is just a simple bag, but when I am following a pattern I feel like I have to stick to it word for word whereas if I'm just making it up as I go I can adjust the size however I want, and do the things that work well for me. However, in not using a pattern I go through a lot more trial and error. Perhaps I don't do things the quickest way or the most conventionalist way, but it works for me. I feel like I am becoming a stronger sewer and designer by doing my own thing because it forces me think about how things work together and and how I want the outcome to look rather than relying on someone else's work. 

As usual, Happy Crafting!

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  1. soooo cute!! Love the fabric! Micheal Miller has some really great designs!


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