Saturday, September 25, 2010

A bit odd

I stumbled across this guy while checking my email this morning and I thought his story, although quite odd, was in fact amazing. James May (as well as a whole crew of volunteers) proceeded to build a house made completely out of Lego pieces! The land was donated to him for this purpose by a winery even though everyone else thought he was crazy. A few weeks later the winery wanted its land back and so the project had to be demolished. Most of it was donated to charity's because the cost was to high to transport it to any type of Lego museum.  I guess why I found this story so interesting because it reminded me to go for whatever is laid on your heart, and to let your creativity be free! While I don't have the desire to build a house out of Lego I like the opportunity to dream big and to do the other creative things in my mind.

P.S. The toilet, sink, and shower are all fully functioning
(although they do leak!)


  1. I wonder where the toilet leaked... I do love that he did this just because he wanted to do it.

  2. Actually the toilet didn't leak, he lined it with vaseline! Haha


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